Diagnostic and Laboratory Services

Let us help you quickly and accurately diagnose your pet’s illnesses or conditions right here at our hospital.

Radiology (X-Rays)

At All Creatures Great and Small, we have the ability to take in-house radiographs (x-rays).  X-rays are extremely helpful in diagnosis and monitoring many medical illnesses and conditions, as well as, helping with monitoring surgical procedures.

If further consultation is needed or requested by a client, we send the radiographs to a board certified radiologist who we work with very closely on a regular basis.

Full In-House Laboratory

Our laboratory is capable of processing numerous blood-tests that help us gather information that is critical to your pet’s healthcare.  Some of the tests that we have the ability to run are:

  • Complete Blood Counts (CBC’s)
  • Full or partial chemistries
  • Electrolyte and Thyroid panels
  • Phenobarbital level checks
  • SDMA panels (early kidney disease detection)
  • SNAP 4Dx tests (heartworm, ehrlichiosis, Lyme, and anaplasmosis)
  • SNAP cPL tests (pancreatitis)
  • SNAP FIV/FeLV tests (immunodeficiency virus and leukemia).

For uncommon test that we cannot run in-house, we will send them out to our partner labs.

Ultrasounds & Echocardiograms

Ultrasounds and echocardiograms allow us to see things that cannot be seen by radiographs. We work very closely with doctors and companies that specialize in these services. If your pet should need one of these procedures, the specialists will visit our facilities to perform the procedure and consult with you on their findings.