Small Dog Wellness Plan

2-25 lbs. as an adult


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(excludes nutrition and ultrasound services)

Services Without Plan With Plan
Annual Care Vaccination $128.00 Included
Annual Wellness Exam $68.50 Included
Fecal Test $57.80 Included
Heartworm and Lyme Test $69.00 Included
6 Month Wellness Exam $68.50 Included
12-month Supply of Flea and Tick Prevention $275.09 Included
12-month Supply of Heartworm Prevention $115.02 Included
TOTAL $781.91

Comprehensive Wellness Bloodwork

At the time of your wellness visit you can upgrade to a complete bloodwork panel to ensure even greater prevention and protection. Full wellness bloodwork is recommended for the early detection and treatment of medical conditions. We have different panels tailored to your pet’s age.

Full Wellness Bloodwork Without Plan With Plan
Junior $125.00 $55.00
Senior $244.50 $165.00