Senior Wellness

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Comprehensive Senior Wellness Plans

Dogs and cats are considered senior citizens after 7 years of age.  Veterinarians now have the ability to detect illnesses and chronic ailments before they become life threatening. Common conditions seen in older pets include: kidney disease, heart disease, Diabetes, thyroid disease, dental disease, liver disease, arthritis, and cancer. Dogs and cats may not show any signs of a serious disease until it is already very advanced. A thorough physical exam along with diagnostics including bloodwork, urinalysis, x-rays, EKG and brief abdominal ultrasound scan may allow your pet to live a longer healthier life.

Recommendations for Senior Pets:

  • Blood Chemistry/CBC/Thyroid: Check for major organ dysfunction, electrolytes, infection, and thyroid levels.
  • Urinalysis: Important to analyze to detect kidney function, test for infection, Diabetes and crystals.
  • Xrays: Imaging helps to detect heart and lung disease, cancer, arthritis, abnormal abdominal organs, bladder stones and more.
  • EKG: This test helps evaluate your pet’s heart rhythm.
  • Abdominal ultrasound scan (brief):  To evaluate abdominal contents.

We at All Creatures Great and Small feel passionately about taking care of our pets as they age.  We consider our furry companions as part of the family and want them to get the best care so they can live long, healthy lives.